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Report A Proxy

If you see a proxy which you think shouldn't be on the list, then report it here. You can report a proxy for a number of reasons.

Offline - If a proxy is offline and simply not accessible then report it to us, we will remove it straight away. Sometimes proxies go offline and then come back online a short while after, so before reporting waite a few hours before letting us know, just in case the proxy comes back online again.

False Page (not a proxy) - Some proxy site owners will re-sell or forward their domain to another site, usually if they've sold their proxy site and/or domain or simply don't want to host a proxy anymore. If you visit a link listed in our proxy list and it doesn't lead to a typical proxy site, let us know and we'll look into it.

Intrusive Ads, Pop ups and uneasing content - Some proxy sites have an excessive amount of ads, we try and pick the best proxies which don't have overbearing amounts of ads, but proxy site owners change their sites regulary, adding ads etc. If you visit a site and you feel that the ads shown on there are overbearing in any particular way, and/or the site is messy and difficult to use let us know.

Drop us a comment below giving us a link to the proxy and we'll look into it.


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  2. Hello there,
    we from Pirateshore would like to give you notice that our proxy is on the list of best piratebay proxies but is currently blocked by the UK isp and we would like to replace it with another fast piratebay proxy of ours to counter the UK blockade. Regards, Pirateshore