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Friday, 17 January 2014

New EZTV Proxy

As many of you will know, the government has really been cracking down on proxy sites, but it's not just The Pirate Bay which is a victim. EZTV has also come under fire, and been blocked by many ISPs in the UK. If you're like many other people and use EZTV to find TV show torrents, you're probably annoyed at how you may be restricted from accessing the site. This blog post is here to direct you to to highest quality proxies which work the best, to help you access EZTV without any hassle. is the best EZTV proxy around on the web at the moment. It's fast, and has stable uptime. Many people have found this proxy to be useful over long periods of time, mainly due to it's high amounts of uptime.
This is probably the least favourable EZTV proxy, mainly due to it requiring robot verification (just enter in a code) before you view the site. Although this little feature is annoying, once completed you can use EZTV just like you usually would. It's a good alternative if is down.

At the moment these are the only two best proxies which work well. Unfortunately there is others out there, but they don't work quite as well, so i'm not going to post them on here. If you do have a EZTV proxy you want to submit, why not leave a comment?


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