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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A Really Good EZTV Proxy

Although this site primarily focuses on Pirate Bay proxies, i thought i'd write a post about a great EZTV proxy which i have found. EZTV seems to have been another victim of the piracy war, and many ISPs have blocked access to it. Thankfully though we can use proxies, and this proxy in-particular is a great one. is a fast and secure proxy. The proxy is ideal for fast browsing and has a quick load time. In fact, you can hardly tell you're using a proxy because the webpages load so quick. The proxy is great for anyone wanting to access TV online through torrents, and EZTV is by far the best resource for TV show downloads.

Check it out now - (NOT WORKING FOR MOST)

Update: Here is a new working link which seems to work just fine


  1. Now blocked. Try this

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  4. site seems to be down for maintainence